● About the ART

Deep in space aboard the Aurora, a crew of humans and aliens embarked on a quest to uncover the secrets of Veridian Prime. They discovered a lush world with remnants of an advanced civilization, including powerful technology and ancient guardians. Facing peril, they worked together to reach the Energy Nexus, choosing wisdom over power. With their mission complete, they returned home, forever changed by their journey into the unknown.  Procreate / Shape & Symbol / Abstract base/ 1080*1920 

● about the ARTIST

This is Nastaran , born in 1988 in Iran, is a representative of a captivating blend of art and creativity. With a background in graphic design, Nastaran delved into the world of art and painting in 2000, honing her skills in this realm. Her journey as an artist took an intriguing turn when she engaged in teaching, becoming a mentor to children, inspiring them to express their creativity to the fullest. Subsequently, Nastaran established several art galleries in Turkey, initiating this venture in 2019, and she expanded her professional path to various cities. Since late 2020, Nastaran has become a part of the art community in New York, Qatar, Amsterdam, London, and Manchester, exhibiting her works in these diverse locations. She is also an artist and community builder, deeply invested in curating art and embracing the digital art movement. Nastaran's long-term goal is to host diverse art galleries worldwide.