● About the ART

Will our consciousness survive as we replace our ageing and rotting body parts with synthetic ones? Do the continuously replaced parts that make us forever young even as the mind continues to accumulate experiences? ---- ink on paper, digitally finished

● about the ARTIST

My name sounds like Chun Li of the old video game Street Fighter. My main body of work explores the nature of identity in ever shifting perception of realities brought about by media brainwashing and technological development. Humanity has always been on the crest of the technological wave since the dawn of our species, and along with this our perception of reality changes too throughout the generations.  I was ranked by an international jury as top ten at the XIV Florence Biennale Open Call Contest.  In a really grand event in Dubai I was named 'ftNFT Rising Star' Award winner.Published and exhibited world wide. "You are dangerous....You belong in a museum" - Mike Mongo, astronaut teacher  "With respect, this is an absurd, dangerous, manipulation of the original photograph and a pointless use of blockchain technology." -  Patrick Witty, photojournalist and editor "OK Loser" - Jerry Saltz, art critic