● About the ART

The art piece born from the prompt "stars with baby faces in a spiral DNA" is a captivating exploration of the essence of humanity. Through its intricate design, it weaves together celestial elements, innocence, DNA, nature, and emotions, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound question of what it means to be human.  At its core, the artwork depicts stars adorned with baby faces, symbolizing the cosmic origin of life and the inherent purity of infancy. These celestial beings evoke wonder!

● about the ARTIST

Rainbow Mosho is a teen artist/author on the autism spectrum. Rainbow has published (written, co written and illustrated) 5 books in 23 months. Her art has been exhibited in Dubai, Beijing, Belgium, NYC, LA, Miami, Tennessee. Speaker at NFTNYC 2023 (and she has been invited to speak and exhibit in April 2024) She hosts art classes and book readings at Spring Hill Public Library. Licensing agreement with LippyLu.com  Her thoughts: "Autism Acceptance is an opportunity to share about the marvels and challenges faced by incredible beings like me. We are staying put. We belong. We break barriers. Join us by reminding others about it."