● About the ART

The DNA is the “molecule of life,” and is that which carries the coded genetic information of the different human beings. However, with this animation I want to express that not only does DNA define us, we can be different with the same DNA sequence, it depends on us.

● about the ARTIST

I am a financier by profession, an economist by degree. Always surrounded by stress, anxiety and depression are always nearby. so nature, the sea, animals and art became my refuge. When I discovered the digital world, the NFT, the possibilities of the web3 I stayed! And I evolved, I went from colored pencils to the drawing tablet, then I discovered AI, later animations... and we continue because every day there is something new to learn, and that excites me. Opening the screen and seeing art every day is a privilege. Meeting artists from all over the world, incredible people that would otherwise be impossible, creating relationships, friends, communities, working together is something exciting. The indescribable feeling of being able to fulfill dreams all together, to reach the moon. 

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