● About the ART

In the rapidly evolving digital fashion industry, The Fabricant’s release of its updated ‘DEEP’ collection marks a significant moment. This reinterpretation of their 2017 AI-designed collection reflects the ongoing integration of technology in fashion. Led by Creative Director Amber Jae Slooten, the collection reexamines its original seven designs, now enhanced with contemporary AI tools, blending past insights with current technological capabilities.

● about the ARTIST

The journey of The Fabricant in AI-driven fashion dates back to 2017, in collaboration with The Asimov Institute. This initial foray utilized an algorithm trained on images from Paris Fashion Week 2017, resulting in the first DEEP series. These early designs, while basic in their pixelated form, laid the groundwork for the more sophisticated designs of today.

DEEP 2023 showcases an advancement in technology and design. Utilizing tools like Midjournry, Adobe Firefly, and Stable Diffucion, the collection has evolved from its initial pixelated images to more detailed and nuanced designs. This shift demonstrates not just a technological leap, but an ongoing dialogue between human creativity and machine learning.

“As fashion design is democratized, the difference between good and bad will be defined by taste and attitude. New fashion creators will emerge, but only those with creativity and vision will prevail.” Amber Slooten, Creative Director for The Fabricant, shared in a press release.