● About the ART

The central focus of the artwork is a burst of intense light, resembling the fiery core of a supernova

● about the ARTIST

Light painting photography is an art form, a technique consisting of creating Images by capturing the movement of lightim exploring all kinds of techniques. Some of our work highlights the abstract nature of light, we are inspired by the beauty of light in all its various forms. It is a technique that creates the impossible, records the paths of light into the picture, reveals something hidden in the real world.All of my artworks created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. (raw as proof) Lightpainting is a clear testimony to the beauty of the phenomenon of light. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colors, new meaning to our lives. Despite the frequent use of concepts such as contemporary art, and the shadow of the technological and digital changes in photography, the emphasis in our artworks is precisely on analog, manual, low-tech aesthetics. Through the use of technique from the beginning of photography to create contemporary.