● About the ART

Each step we take upon the Earth's surface symbolizes our journey through time. Influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides wash away our stories and make way for new explorations. A quest for purpose amidst the vastness of existence. Yet, with each step, new paths unfold, beckoning us forward. It's not the footprints we leave behind, but the stories we imprint and the legacy we create that define us. As we journey through life, let us tread lightly, mindful of our interconnectedness with the world and the enduring beauty of the human nature.

● about the ARTIST

Marieke Feenstra, an Amsterdam-based landscape photographer, finds inspiration in the ethereal beauty of nature, time captured in minimalism, authenticity, and ambiguity. Feenstra captures landscapes that evoke a sense of quiet contemplation and introspection. Through her photographs, Feenstra invites viewers to explore the delicate balance between simplicity and depth, where every image tells a story of a genuine connection to nature, expressing what she felt when she was there.