● About the ART

MoMA Postcard - Collaboration and Creativity on the Blockchain

MoMA Postcard is a global community project. An experiment in collective creativity on blockchain, it invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies. Akin to a digital chain letter, each postcard is designed collaboratively— stamp by stamp, person by person—as it moves from one destination to the next. With 15 blank stamps ready to be designed and signed by co-creators, MoMA Postcard is an interactive NFT adventure waiting to be unlocked. Each postcard requires collective action and the leaderboard is decided by the most miles a Postcard will travel.

Every person was allowed 10 x 10 pixels for their stamp and the group of Paladin Punks were the first to come up with the idea to collectively make 1 artwork with 15 stamps, adding the first GM into the MoMA. Currently the postcard holds position number 14 on the leaderboard, with 93.888 miles, on the MoMA website.

Adding the Postcard as artwork 33 into the MoonMars Museum, will add another 238,855 miles to this card, totalling 332.743 miles, and it will be preserved forever on the surface of the (Mo)on, (Ma)rs and beyond.

● about the ARTIST

This card was created by 15 Paladin Punks who worked together to make the very first MoMA postcard in the series where all the stamps together all together make 1 image. Each artist owns 1 of the 15 NFTs that were created by the MoMA of this Postcard. Go the the MoMA website link for the Postcard project and scroll down to the leaderboard. You can see we are at number 14 at the moment, surely when our moon capsule lands on the surface of the moon, we should be moved up to number 1

MoMA Postcard