● About the ART

Earth is the Nest of humanity. Humans are like birds leaving the Nest to expend their horizon to the universe. The circle formed by Kuiper’s work can also be found in the circular shape of DNA. Mary’s Nest stands for a place on the Moon, where future astronauts will feel safe and secure, where they can relax and unwind.

● about the ARTIST

Mary Kuiper is born in the country side in the Netherlands. Nature is her source of inspiration in the broadest sense. Her work brings different disciplines together and inspires people to think about the relationship between art, science and our understanding of the world and space.

She has participated in many exhibitions all over the world, and is one of the artists of the Moon Gallery, the world’s first off-planet gallery in the International Space Station. Her horsehair Nest was launched in February 2022, and circled almost a year 420 km above Earth.

X - @MaryKuiper13