● About the ART

The MAX IV Control System. MAX IV is the first synchrotron accelerator of the 4th generation. We invented the design using multi bend achromats in the build lattice. This meant we could reach unprecedented brilliance for electron accelerators and give scientific research a major leap forward in demonstrating the possibility, and in that accelerator facilities rebuild to copy our design. In the artwork all parts of the control system are displayed along with their interconnections, colour coded.

● about the ARTIST

I work as a physicist at an electron accelerator facility. Creating and solving problems is what makes me tick to a large extent. I have always appreciated good design and good art, but until my onboarding in NFTs I didn’t do anything specific with my art interest. When VAVortex AI Community started I was onboarded into AI art, and I directly fell in love. Both with the art form and the community. Now I had a means to produce the images that exist in my vivid fantasy. After having met so many amazing people in the VAVortex community and staff I offered to help out and I was accepted to become a staff member. I will be exhibited at NFT NYC 2024, and Beeple Studios Digital Art Deathmatch 2024. With MoonMars I will be creating a new genre in art. Stay tuned! 

X - @lord_iiiip