● About the ART

Design of the MoonMars Museum Metaverse gallery, creating a home for the 47 artworks of the Mare Crisium collection. The digital gallery is travelling together with the artworks providing them a home to be viewed on Earth as well as on the surface of the Moon. Since we can not all go to the Moon, this design will provide us the opportunity to experience how the Mare Crisium collection is intended.

● about the ARTIST

Wolfgang Ortner, born on March 9th, 1979, is a distinguished figure in the digital art landscape, renowned for his expertise in architectural visualization. Graduating from the Higher Technical School of Engineering in 1998, Ortner swiftly established himself as a pioneer in his field.

In 2002, he founded mm-vis, a company dedicated to providing top-tier architectural renderings for local architects and developers.  Over the years, Ortner has collaborated with studios in Berlin and Dubai. Since 2021, Ortner has served as a meta architect for oncyber, contributing his expertise to the development of innovative digital projects. His contributions to oncyber, including the creation of the og galleries, have further cemented his status as a visionary in the digital art realm.

Ortner's clientele includes a diverse array of notable figures and brands, including Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Brady, RTFKT, and 6529. His ability to translate vision into reality has earned him a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.