● About the ART

What are we as human beings? Are we merely lost in our DNA, or are we something more?

● about the ARTIST

After exploring various fields of study and employment, Visheh walked into the art world in 2011. Since then, she has pursued a Bachelor's degree in Islamic art (branch of Persian painting), followed by a Master's degree in Art Research. Alongside her academic endeavors, she has completed courses in contemporary art, interior design, and 3D Max & Animation. Her artistic practice spans diverse media, including Persian painting, photography, needlework, interactive installations, video, performance, and short film. Additionally, she has conducted research on various topics in arts and humanities and has published articles and translated two books on contemporary art (focused on Installation art & Video art). Her portfolio includes several solo and group exhibitions worldwide, and her works have been featured in numerous international film and video festivals. She started her NFT journey in 2021 and she is still active in web3.