● About the ART

"La Vie en Rose" portrays a dreamlike realm bathed in soft pink hues. Within this ethereal landscape, hope bubbles fragilely, and hearts dance freely amidst the gentle sway of life's ups and downs. Through joy and sorrow, the human spirit perseveres, illuminated by the resilient light that endures shadows. In this symphony of existence, emotions intertwine in a sweet serenade, weaving memories and dreams into the fabric of life's journey.

● about the ARTIST

Vanessa Camacaro, also known as Vans_Cmkro and Moms Talk Crypto, is a Digital-AI artist, AI Engineer Student, Photographer, and Curator. Founder of Women In Tech Museum, she advocates for women in tech, promoting mental health in the industry. Her artwork has been showcased globally, including at NFT NYC 23 and Art Basel Miami 22. Her piece "La Vie En Rose" will be the first curated artwork for the Moon Mars Collection.