● About the ART

The ability to innovate and create is deeply ingrained in human nature, much like how DNA carries the genetic instructions for life. Innovation is a fundamental and intrinsic part of human identity, driving progress, adaptation, and the evolution of society. It is a significant part of what it means to be human.

● about the ARTIST

As a digital artist, I delve into the realm of surrealism to explore complex social issues. My canvas is the digital realm, where I weave intricate narratives through the use of digital tools and techniques.  Drawing inspiration from surrealist masters like Salvador Dalí and contemporary digital artists, I delve into the subconscious to unravel societal complexities. My work is a reflection of the human condition, addressing topics such as identity, inequality, and environmental degradation.  Through the manipulation of digital imagery, I create dreamlike landscapes and scenes that challenge the viewer's perception of reality. From photomontage to digital painting, my techniques are as diverse as the issues I seek to explore, inviting viewers to engage with the underlying narratives and provoke introspection.