● About the ART

Animated artwork with original AI generated music

Endymion, a beautiful young man in Greek mythology, known for his habit of sleeping on a mountain. The moon goddess Selene discovered him and fell in love with his beauty. Selene asked Zeus to grant him eternal youth so that he would never leave her, and Zeus granted her wish by casting Endymion into an eternal sleep. Every night, Selene visited him where he slept, and by him had fifty daughters, each of whom presided over a phase of the moon. Endymion means "dive into" and the story can be interpreted as a representation of the cyclical nature of the moon's eternal rise and fall.

● about the ARTIST

Multidisciplinary Artist. Takes influences from modernistic art in combination with edge, modern techniques. Very passionate about AI Art. Exhibited: NYC.NFT, Dcentral TOKYO, LA, Chicago, Craiova and several showcases in the Metaverse. Founder of VAVortex AI Art Community and MoonMars Museum.

X - @johannaNyqvist