● About the ART

CryptoPunks, released on June 9, 2017, are a landmark NFT collection created by Larva Labs, featuring 10,000 uniquely generated characters inspired by punk culture, the cypherpunk movement, and Daft Punk. This experiment in artificial rarity and ownership, recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, laid the groundwork for the ERC-721 token standard and the broader NFT industry. Early claimants received Punks for free via an Ethereum smart contract. However, a critical flaw was discovered in the smart contract, allowing users to exploit a loophole and reclaim their ETH after purchasing a Punk. This led Larva Labs to create a new contract on June 23, 2017 also known as the V2, ignoring the contract of the earlier batch of 10K. 

Since provenance is important on the blockchain more interest was sparked towards the V1 version and FrankNFT addressed this issue by creating a wrapper contract. The V1 and V2 punks point to the same image on the blockchain and now having the possibility to trade both version, people are looking to find their ultimate pair. One of these pairs, owned by the Day Job. Punks project is going to the moon inside the Mare Crisium collection, symbolic for the start of Digital Renaissance.

● about the ARTIST

FrankNFT is also our developer for the NFT contract for the Moonmars Museum, this contract is also going to the Moon to accompany the 47 artworks.