● About the ART

In the profound darkness of the night hovers the figure of an entity, its head resembling a mysterious dark moon reflecting the light of stars. Golden patterns, like time-incantations, intertwine on the surface, unveiling the secrets of human DNA. The art radiates in cool shades of blue, akin to echoes of the night sky where answers to eternal questions are concealed.

● about the ARTIST

Hello, I'm Nata Erdem, NFT artist and a passionate illustrator focusing on books and magazines. I bring narratives to life using Procreate, infusing my illustrations with detail and storytelling charm. My expertise extends to AI-generated art, where creativity meets technology, producing innovative visuals that stretch the limits of imagination. Also I love to build worlds on Metaverse. I'm Cofounder of Cactus Boom NFT Community.

X - @ErdemNata